About Us

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Whether it’s life that’s getting you down or you just want to cool your heels, L’attitude aims to be your new go-to, wind-down spot. Inspired by the laid back Los Angeles lifestyle, L’attitude’s co-founders have re-created the West Coast’s relaxed vibe in Hong Kong in a new and exciting food concept. L’attitude brings the best foods and brands from around the world to tantalize your tastebuds, let you escape the humdrum, and enter into a new and vibrant dining experience.

L’attitude launched its first café in August 2016, in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. The menu featured Korean soft serve ice cream and desserts, including our signature Ruimilk Thunder Bomb and Hot Air Ballooon creations. These two desserts won the hearts of many and became the blockbuster hits of the summer.

Building on the phenomenal success of that first café, L’attitude’s new branch at Imperial Kennedy brings our unique dining experience to the fashionable Belcher’s Street address. The café’s concept is enhanced by a dreamy and refreshingly modern interior created by a team of international design professionals. As soon as you enter, you find yourself in a serene setting where the tranquil theme is echoed by the curved ceiling design and fluffy cloud lights.

Our design team incorporated the Lattbuddies characters, Remi (bear), Tokki (rabbit) and Puyooma (chick) into different areas of the restaurant, giving the space a touch of whimsy and a heart-warming feel. Every detail – from the modern, minimalistic marble tabletops to the serene blue fabric on earth-toned wood chairs – demonstrates the design team’s thoughtful consideration for our customers’ visual experience, as well as ensuring that L’attitude is a restaurant that combines dining trends and modern culture. L’attitude aims to become a favorite place for college students, professionals and families to relax, unwind and enjoy unique food.

More than just another café, we’re an experience, we’re an attitude: We’re L’attitude.